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Hello RealHubbers! It's been an awesome first two weeks since the launch of www.realityhubs.com. We are excited about the influx of members into the community, and we hope for more.

Realityhubs is a platform essentially for reviewers. And while we thought we’ve made our ideology known to prospective community members, there have been some misconceptions. We’ve received a lot of feedback from the community on how to contribute to the platform. Honestly, we thought we have clarified this issue from the introduction post. However, we’ve been proved wrong, and we sincerely apologize for any convenience our lack of concise information may have caused. To that effect, we have decided to give an extensive explanation of what the platform supports.

So far, based on the entries (posts) that have been published, we have been able to find out that most community members don’t get the idea of a review. Most of the posts submitted so far are descriptions and not actual reviews. Reviewing something goes beyond describing what it is, or what it does. However, descriptions are essential components of a review.

When you describe something, you aren’t explicitly giving new knowledge about it. Several other people will describe that same product in an almost similar manner. The difference would only be in post structure and composition. But when you review something, you leave traces of your own opinion about it. And that makes it unique, and unusual. When you come across a review as a consumer, you should be able to get the opinion of the writer and some valuable information that will make you decide whether or not to try out the product or service.

A product review goes beyond surface description. A review needs detailed information and the use of descriptive words(where applicable). Some things should be considered while writing a review. Many of these are lacking in what most users show as a review on Realityhubs.

Before delving into a concise explanation of the areas you can write a review on, here’s a short example of a review, as against a description. For this example, the subject is a movie. John Wick 1 to be precise.

Please do assume that all the necessary protocol leading to the point of this example has been observed.

I saw John Wick 1 and I was greatly impressed. The storyline was good, not exactly relatable though. I mean, I love my dog, and I'll go berserk if someone killed it. However, I won't go about it the way John Wick did. But then again, the movie is a fiction, and some unrealistic things are expected. Well, the general concept of the movie was thrilling. The actions and gunplay were superb. It kept me on my seat, and I had enough action than I bargained for.

Moving onto other things aside from the action, I'll say every other team played their part to make the movie amazing. The choice of clothing was great. The choice of sound was great. The sounds were accurately picked to suit each scene of the movie. The visuals were very crisp too, and I caught every detail.

Overall, I'll say John Wick is an amazing movie. I really enjoyed it. The storytelling was okay, but honestly, I was more interested in the action, and it didn't disappoint. If you haven't seen the movie, you should check it out. My rating is 7/10.

Check the movie out and tell me what you think about it in the comments section.

This is a review of John Wick 1. The first scene starts with a guy named ----, he tried to get John's car, but John declined. Later, this man seeks out John Wick's house to forcefully claim the car. Unfortunately, John Wick wasn't at home at the time. Just his dog. So this man kills the dog and went ahead to take John's car.

This was quite painful to John because the dog was something he held dearly. As it reminded him of his late wife. Fuelled with anger, he seeks out revenge.

Please exercise pardon if the information about the movie is wrong. This is just an example.

So from the two examples, which one seems more like a review? You'll say the first one. From the first example, based on the reviewer's perspective, you get the following information;

  • The general concept of John Wick isn't so realistic. But the writer goes on to validate why that isn't a problem.
  • There's loads of gunplay and action in the movie, and the reviewer enjoyed it.
  • The actors in the movie were properly dressed to suit their parts.
  • The sounds that accompanied the actions and all of the movie was great.
  • The visuals were of high quality.
  • The reviewer goes on to summarize his opinion of the movie. From his summary, John Wick is an amazing movie.

In the second example, the reviewer talks about how the movie started and other scenes. The second example wasn’t detailed, but let’s assume that the reviewer talks about John Wick in that manner. It means the reviewer narrated and summarized the movie. There’s no personal feeling to it. If someone else saw the movie and was narrating it, it would be the same content.

So back to the basis of all that has been said so far, writing a review goes beyond describing or narrating a product or item. It is you telling a prospective consumer what you think about it. And if it is something worth seeing, buying, or trying out. That’s why your reviews have to be exceptional because indirectly, you are shaping people’s choices and decisions. Now imagine a scenario where several people write an accurate review(like the first example), and they all said the movie is great. What do you think the decision of someone who read all the reviews, but hasn’t seen the movie would be? He/She will be triggered to try out the movie.

Hopefully, this example gives you insight into what is expected on Realityhubs.

Here's more info on how we've structured Realityhubs, in terms of categories, and how to go about writing related reviews.

We have some categories that cut across a wide range, but the misconception of what the word review means by most users makes it look as if they are tangled.

Remember, the purpose of a review is for people to understand something based on your perspective. So, before you make any review ask yourself, what value will people be getting from this review? What makes my review different from the others? The aforementioned questions will help you focus on creating value with your review.

By now you must have understood what a review is all about. Let's get some more understanding of the categories from the explanations below. Before then here are some general things you must consider while writing a review.

  • Be constructive, and specific

  • Make your review a bit extensive and informative.

  • Use simple, and clear language

  • Add clear, and quality visuals

  • Summarize your publication.


On products: Movies, projects, manufactured products, mobile applications, games, Hardware and so on are what you can review.

If you wish to review any products, try out the product before reviewing it. It's good to have first-hand knowledge of the product you want to review. Some people write a review without having much knowledge of the product, but to be able to write with full boldness, you need to have the vast knowledge of the product before writing a review. These are the factors to consider.

  • You should have a vast knowledge on the product you wish to review.

  • What are the things you like and dislike about the product?

  • The unique things about the product you are reviewing

  • Describe how to use the product.

  • What are the things (in the form of a suggestion) you would love to see added to the products?

Note that professional advice is also a product. It is necessary that you give extensive advice on anything you are talking about professionally. If you are not a professional in any aspect, please don't make a post to this category.

Photography and nature

Photography in this context is the act of taking photos. What kind of photos are we talking about here? It's anything that has to do with nature/environment. So, when you raise your camera and take a shot, you are capturing what you see around you.

Every review needs good visuals for readers to have a quick understanding. Natures are natural phenomena around us. These are the thing we see every day. Most of them happened with no human effort, and this should be considered when making a review of natural phenomena. Plants, animals, and organisms, are classified under nature. Here are the things to consider:

  • You must have a good understanding of whatever image you are capturing for a review.

  • Make your review educative

  • Take pictures of different sizes, and focus on the part you wish to review.

  • Share sufficient information about it, both the good and the bad parts.

  • Share your personal opinions, and whatever you think about it.

If you did any editing on the image, talk about them. Also, and other factors that are related to the image, such as details of the Camera used.


This section is simply about every valuable visual you see. It could be on the internet or a project. The visuals are based majorly on Artistic work, Logos, artefact, Technical designs, picture elements, and so on. Either your original work or work of others, you can share your thoughts on them. For instance, you see the elevation plan of a massive building, and you are thrilled about it. You could share the picture, and share your thoughts on it. You can also review the images of any renowned individuals in the world.

  • You must have a deep understanding of whatever (logos, artworks, architectural plans, ancient or symbolic images or buildings) you want to review.

  • Make your review unique, don't repeat the same information shared on the internet.

  • Your thought matters a lot in visuals. What deep meaning can you profer from that visual? This is what makes any review on this category unique.

  • Share your personal opinions, and whatever you think about it.

We believe all these should help our users have a better understanding of the kind of contents we want.


We strongly believe that we have made the platform definition informative with practical and realistic examples. We truly value the community, and we will do our best to keep sharing with you all updates that will benefit the project and the community. As you may have noticed, we are strictly engaged in serious fighting of abuse on the platform, and also motivating good reviewers by rewarding them. We ask the community to use their stake wisely and fairly as this will influence the value of the token.

We’ve got more updates to share with the community. Stay tuned, and do not hesitate to leave us a comment feedback below.

Realityhubs Team

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