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My name is Olatunde Oladunni and I have been an active user of the steem blockchain since 2017.

From the moment I got started with steem up until this moment I haven't been able to find a platform that is as easy to adapt to as steem and every dapp that utilizes the technology.

I am a lover of steem and have been active as a contributor in a number of steem communities over the years, the most conversant ones being the now hibernated and

Other communities I have been involved with include Steemhunt, SteemSTEM, Fundition, Musing and Dlike.

As a lover of making new discoveries penning reviews about them especially in the technology and innovation sector I'd absolutely love to join the RealityHubs team as a moderator.

Like all things poised to be great, RealityHubs has shown and continues to show the potential of a platform that will bring lots of value and drive economic growth to the steem blockchain within the short period of its launch.

A team like the RealityHubs team is a team I'd love to absolutely be a part of and would appreciate the opportunity to be.

Joining the RealityHubs team as a moderator will be a privilege for me and I would strive to fulfill my role to the best of my abilities by providing value that boosts my growth as a person as well as other team members and users of the platform.

I can be available for at least 8 hours around the day using my talents to meet the needs of the platform whether as a moderator or as needed at that particular moment provided my abilities match the needs.

I can help prevent spam and low quality contributions on the platform using the existing guidelines provided by the administrators of RealityHubs.

Thanks for providing the opportunity to join a platform as interesting as RealityHubs.

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You must be good at work. Why you downvoted my post, where I write about nature and I decribe well and put my opinion on it. Pull back your downvoting!!

I did not downvote your post, I only dropped a comment on it

Bit siet sigam nyan... atra2 loen di peukaru lee jieh...